Finding homes for Georgia’s orphaned & death-row shelter dogs.

We’re the Freedom Riders. If you care to help, you’ll be a Freedom Rider too.

Your donation gives a forgotten dog the chance to be loved.

“What is the life of a frightened shelter dog worth?”

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They sit helpless, in cages, awaiting their fate.

In one neighboring county alone, hundreds of hungry, abandoned dogs are picked up each month, and end up in overcrowded shelters.

Coming in far faster than they can be adopted, thousands of sweet, beautiful dogs in South Georgia were put down last year.

They could have led happy lives as someone’s pet. But sadly, most of the families who could adopt them live many miles to the north.

They’re rescued by the Freedom Riders.

In response to the sad destiny of these strays, The Freedom Riders Project was begun by John and Shelley Allison of Homerville, Georgia and in 2015 partnered with Animal Aid USA and Almons All About Animals.

Now, lucky dogs are treated by vets and assessed by specialists to make sure they’re healthy and sociable enough for family life. Then specially outfitted vans transport them to areas of the country that can absorb them through adoptions.




They end up living the good life as someone’s pet.

Over the last 13 years over 30,000 happy tail-waggers have been rescued by Suzie’s Friends and it’s partners. It’s a success story that shows what a difference ordinary citizens can make in the world.

However an ongoing effort with such thorough care is costly, and simply can’t continue without the active support of people like you who love animals. See below for ways you can help — and the pups will love you forever!


So many sweet dogs have been helped.
So many more are waiting for help.


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For shelters and humane organizations who can place pets in good homes.

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For shelters and rescuers with canines who have no place else to go.

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Adopt a Dog for Yourself

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